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Earning your way to a life-changing travel adventure? We’re here to help!

Our site is filled with great ideas & support to help you earn funds to pay for your travel program.

Here are some helpful answers to frequently asked questions.

Where do these ideas come from?

The majority of these ideas have been shared by students and their families. Over the years, we’ve consulted other sources to explore a wide range of activities that may be successful. We always try to cite our sources. Quo’s goal is to provide enough ideas that you’ll find some that resonate with you and fit your needs. Use them as presented, or modify them to fit your circumstance. Just get started, so you know what works for you and what doesn’t. Then, you can map out your path to funding success.

How can I come up with my own ideas?

Start by exploring the Ideas on this site to see what interests you. You might be inspired to change them up to fit your special talents or resources. For instance, maybe you can’t host a dinner in your home, but you belong to a church and can whip up a lunch after Sunday services. Or, perhaps you don’t think “Traveling Flamingos” would be a big hit, but there is a huge sporting rivalry in your area and one of the teams is The Ducks… The possibilities are only limited by your creativity. If you want to do something entirely different but nothing leaps to mind, the key is to really take some time to brainstorm about what interests, talents and resources you’re working with. Browsing Pinterest and Youtube for creative ideas is always useful. Search online for companies that offer proven fundraising models (keyword search: “fundraising for kids” or “student fundraising ideas”). Time is always a challenging factor, so jump right in and get started on your fundraising journey!

When can I start working toward my funding goals?

Start your planning and activities right away. Many students even raise their $500 deposit before enrolling!

I have supporters that want to write a check to Quo Student Travel and not to me. What do I tell them?

No problem! Checks may be made out to Quo Student Travel as long as the student’s First & Last Name is referenced on the check. This ensures that the funds are applied toward your travel costs appropriately.

Are donations tax deductible?

Let’s begin by clarifying that we’re not tax advisors, so you may wish to consult one in your area for verification. Having said that, let’s clarify that any earmarked program payments or gift donations applied on a student’s account are NOT tax deductible. IRS regulations clearly state that if the beneficiary of a donation is an individual, the contribution is a non-tax deductible gift.

What would be a good way to earn money to pay for travel costs?

Start here: Identify an activity that 1) you genuinely enjoy doing and 2) you think your community would really get behind… That’s the kind of idea that has the best potential of earning money. Think about your talents and hobbies. What kind of activity can you get passionate about? Once you have an idea or two, get creative. How can you turn these concepts into fully-formed opportunities to earn funds for your travel costs? Let your passion be your guide, and adapt that excitement for your community’s interests. Find the balance and you’ll have a hit on your hands.

Who should I reach out to for support (for donations, etc.)?

Start with family and friends. In most cases, they will be your biggest supporters. When reaching out to businesses, keep in mind that locally-owned businesses will be more likely to support you over large corporate companies and national organizations. When asking businesses for sponsorship or support, it’s wise to hand them your letter in person instead of just mailing it. In all things, find a way to stand out and make a lasting, positive impression.

The Quo Fundraising FAQs page is an evolving document. If you don’t see your question listed here, please reach out to us. Email us at [email protected]

If you feel an answer above is not thorough, clear or accurate, please let us know.

Thank you, and good luck reaching your fundraising goals!

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